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Our Mission and Vision

Mission of our Schools

To enable learners to develop a life of faith in God, and to use their knowledge, skills, and understandings to serve God and humanity.

Vision of our Schools

For every learner to excel in faith, learning, and service, blending biblical truth and academic achievement to honor God and bless others.



Empowering our schools

to provide a spiritually based, academically rigorous, socially responsible, and distinctly Seventh-Day Adventist education.

Offering support

The Education Department of the Arizona Conference is privileged to offer support and resources to our K-12 elementary schools and one senior academy, Thunderbird Adventist Academy.

Providing Services

The Education Department provides classroom resources and supervision, school evaluations, personnel recruitment and hiring, Curriculum recommendations, Policy guidelines and In-service training.


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Adobe Adventist Christian School

9910 E. Adobe Rd, Mesa Visit Website

Cochise SDA Christian School

1462 S. Naco Highway, Bisbee, AZ Visit Website

Desert Valley Christian School

1200 N. Santa Rosa Ave, Tucson Visit Website

Glenview Adventist Academy

6801 N. 43rd Ave, Phoenix Visit Website

Maricopa Village Christian School

8129 W. Baseline, Laveen Visit Website

Prescott Adventist Christian School

2980 Willow Creek Rd, Prescott Visit Website

Saguaro Hills Adventist Christian School

4280 W. Irvington Rd, Tucson Visit Website

Thunderbird Christian Elementary

7440 E. Sutton Dr, Scottsdale Visit Website

Verde Valley Adventist School

51 W. Mingus Ave, Cottonwood Visit Website

Yuma Adventist Christian School

1681 S. 6th Ave, Yuma Visit Website

Thunderbird Adventist Academy

7410 E. Sutton Dr, Scottsdale Visit Website




Technology in the Classroom


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Being greeted by the principal every morning gives a sense of family & caring. My sons are taught by teachers who see their individual needs, further, those needs are acted upon in a loving communicative way.

As parents, we know the teachers are true partners. The curriculum is academically sound, that is a must, but the way our teachers teach and administer the curriculum that is priceless! True quality. Spiritually, the teachers see everything to be a teaching moment. Our sons love God & due in part to our teachers. They know how important a relationship with God is!


It’s exciting to see students master a new concept, perform a play or song, fluently recite a poem or scripture verse, or just read a book. Children’s minds are amazing.

My job requires long hours and lots of energy. There are frustrations. But it’s worth every bit of it. The reward of seeing a child learn and the love I receive back from the kids makes me excited to get up and go to work every single morning. I have the best job in the world.

Adventist School Teacher

Adventist education is grace before grades and Heaven before Harvard. The ultimate goal is eternal life with Christ. Teachers either help or hinder students to realize their eternal destiny. There is no middle ground. That’s why a Christian education is so important.

L. Roo Mckenzie, Pastor